Dietmar Offenhuber: Data Autographies - material readings of urban data infrastructures

Tue, Oct 27, 2020, 11:00 am

Meet the Mellon Fellows: Dietmar Offenhuber

Autographies - material readings of urban data infrastructures

The Metropolis Project at Princeton University and the Princeton-Mellon Initiative present a webinar by Dietmar Offenhuber, the 2019-20 Princeton-Mellon Fellow in Architecture, Urbanism & the Environment.

Tuesday October 27 at 11:00 AM EDT
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Data visualization is the dominant medium for experiencing data. It also has a seemingly trivial limitation: it can only begin once data exist. Once data exist, however, the material processes and conditions of their generation tend to be forgotten. In my talk, I will take a close look at the relationship between environmental data and the material conditions of their generation. Based on my work on sensing at the urban scale, from waste tracking to noise and pollution, I will introduce a material (rather than symbolic) reading of environmental data and discuss the various blind spots such a perspective can address.

Dietmar Offenhuber is a Princeton Mellon Fellow in Architecture, Urbanism + the Environment. He is Associate Professor at Northeastern University in the fields of Art + Design and Public Policy. He holds a PhD in Urban Planning from MIT, Master degrees from the MIT Media Lab and TU Vienna. His research focuses on the relationship between design, urban technologies, and governance. Dietmar is the author of the award-winning monograph “Waste is Information” (MIT Press), worked as an advisor to the United Nations and published books on the subjects of Urban Data, Accountability Technologies and Urban Informatics.



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