Mellon Forum: Gender, Justice, Urbanism with Aiala Levy and Marília Librandi-Rocha

Nov 28, 2018, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
School of Architecture, South Gallery


Event Description

Maxixe in the Metropolis: Constructing Afro-Paulistano Respectability ca.1920

As thousands of migrants and immigrants poured into São Paulo at the start of the twentieth century, many groups worked to define their place within a rapidly changing society.  Among these groups were those affiliated with São Paulo's burgeoning black press, literate men and women who took advantage of the city's new spaces to create leisure opportunities for those of their race.  The presentation will explore how this racialized realm of leisure mapped onto São Paulo's shifting landscape, reflecting and fashioning gender norms among São Paulo's "class of color."

Join Princeton Mellon Fellow Aiala Levy and visiting professor Marília Librandi-Rocha for the last installment of the Fall 2018 Mellon Forum. 

The Mellon Forum is organized by Alison Isenberg (History), Ivan Lopez Munuera (Architecture) and Sheila Lin (Architecture). Additional support is kindly provided by the Princeton University Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies.