Mellon Forum: Preservation

Mar 30, 2022, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
Betts Auditorium and Zoom link


Event Description

Spring 2022 Mellon Forum on the Urban Environment / Reframing Repair 

co-curated by Assistant Professor of Architecture Jay Cephas and HMEI/Princeton-Mellon Fellow Davy Knittle



Delia Wendel, MIT, and Salamishah Tillet, Rutgers 

March 30 at 12pm EST

What does it mean when we preserve a building or landscape? For whom do we preserve? What are the spatial politics of memory, memorialization, and social justice?

Attend this discussion in Betts Auditorium, abiding by University event guidelines, or register in advance for this webinar:

Our theme for Spring 2022 is “Reframing Repair.” Repair has been a common subject of inquiry within interdisciplinary work on cities and built environments in recent years, especially as scholars have introduced new frameworks for analyzing crumbling social and physical infrastructures. We are particularly interested in addressing the topic of repair with skepticism, however, as we consider how to engage with places that perhaps cannot be repaired (as in the case of flood-prone coastal cities debating plans for managed retreat) and conditions that otherwise confound the presumptions underlying current discourses on repair. To that end, we ask how repair might be reimagined to center equitable futures, which necessarily means challenging how the language of repair has been used in the service of racist, anti-queer, trans-phobic, and ableist discourses and policies. It also means moving away from discourses of progress that have been deployed to justify harm to instead conceptualize new built environment possibilities that can intimately account for both the kinship networks and the non-human communities within which they are embedded. 

The Mellon Forum is sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, High Meadows Environmental Institute, Humanities Council, Center for Collaborative History, Department of Art + Archaeology, Department of English, and the School of Architecture.