Maria E. Moreyra Garlock

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Program in Architecture and Engineering
E307 Engineering Quad

Ph.D., Structural Engineering, Lehigh University
M.S., Civil Engineering, Cornell University
B.S., Civil Engineering, Lehigh University


Dr. Garlock’s research aims to bridge the gap between academia and practice, both as related to advancing the knowledge in structural engineering design and as related to the education of future engineers.  Dr. Garlock’s scholarship is in creative and resilient structural design for extreme loads such as fires, earthquakes, and storm surges.  She studies these hazards as both as isolated and cascading multi-hazard events.  In addition to advancing the future of structural design, Dr. Garlock studies the best examples of structural designs of the present and past.  She also has received government funding to study effective teaching of structural engineering to non-STEM majors – as she does through coursework, exhibitions with scale models and instructional displays, and some MOOCs.

Maria E. Garlock is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Director of the Program in Architecture and Engineering. Garlock is on the Executive Committee, Council on Science and Technology; associated faculty at the Associated Faculty, School of Architecture and Program in Latin American Studies, and the Head of Forbes College, Princeton University.