On African Urbanism(s)

On African Urbanism(s)

A two-part series organized by Princeton Mellon Fellows Devanne Brookins and Halimat Somotan. Co-sponsored by the Program in African Studies.

The series will explore the African urban condition through engaging a variety of dimensions and sites, seeking to deepen our understanding of essential characteristics of African cities including patterns of city formation and logics of place-making. Key dimensions under consideration are time – temporality and the dual presence of past and future in the production of the city; scale – the differentiation of the neighborhood, city, and metropolitan areas; and space – the intersections of territory, values and contestation. These dimensions implicate the role of architects, planners and developers in constructing representations of space that can be exclusionary, emancipatory or elusive. Threaded throughout these conversations is the human dimension, or the experience of urbanism, how individuals and communities navigate urbanscapes to survive, belong and create the city for themselves. 

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Juxtaposed: Architecture and Informality 

Tuesday, April 13, 12pm EST

  • Emanuel Admassu, RISD 

  • Rosalind Fredericks, NYU   

  • Billy Ndengeyingoma, LSE  

Previous Events in the Series: 

(Nda) The Twin Mask: Place-making in space and time

Wednesday, February 17, 12pm EST

  • Issa Diabate, Koffi & Diabaté Group

  • Mamy Tall, WEEX TALL  

  • Devanne Brookins, Princeton Mellon Fellow 

Comparative Conceptualizations of Time in Nairobi and Lagos

Wednesday, March 10, 12pm EST

  • Bettina Ng’weno, UC Davis

  • Chrystel Oloukoï, Harvard 

  • Mamadou Diouf, Columbia

Excuse Me, While I Disappear 

Wednesday, April 7, 12pm EST

  • Michael MacGarry, Visual Artist / Filmmaker 

  • Sylvia Croese, University of the Witwatersrand