Class Close-Up: Stepping Out to Understand Affordable Housing

Princeton Alumni Weekly focus on Aaron Shkuda's course "Affordable Housing in the United States"

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By Julie Bonette

Though 98% of Princeton undergraduates live on campus, the current turbulence of the country’s housing market has some students already stressing about housing uncertainties after graduation.

That’s partly why Aaron Shkuda, project manager of the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities — which aims to “develop a more dynamic and nuanced understanding of urban issues today,” according to its website — is offering a new class this spring, Affordable Housing in the United States, that examines past and present housing issues and the policy, design, activism, and economic factors at play.

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Photo caption: Fern Spruill, center, leads students on a walking tour and shares her family’s generational history in Princeton. Photo credit: Julie Bonette