Fall 2021: "Thinking Through Soil" with Seth Denizen

Thinking Through Soil / ENV 345 URB 345 ARC 345 LAS 395

M 1:30 pm - 4:20 pm

Seth Denizen, HMEI / Princeton Mellon Fellow in Architecture, Urbanism & the Environment

Soil is a critical resource for an increasingly urbanized planet. In this course our goal will be to familiarize ourselves with the fundamentals of soil science and soil theory in order to consider the relationship between soils and the urban environment. Through engagements with both humanistic and empirical scholarship we will develop a perspectival approach to tracing the diverse political and disciplinary contexts in which soil is made an object of knowledge. In particular, the course will feature an extended case study of Mexico City's wastewater agriculture system, and the colonial history of indigenous Latin American soil knowledge.