Mellon Reseach Forum: Gender, Justice, Urbanism

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

The Fall 2018 Mellon Research Forum on the Urban Environment is organized by Alison Isenberg (History), Sheila Lin (Architecture), and Ivan Lopez Munuera (Architecture). The Forum is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Humanities Council and the Program in Gender & Sexuality Studies. 

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"Away with Your Man-Visions": Gender as a Framework for Rethinking Housing and Urban Design" 
Dolores Hayden, Yale University and Dianne Harris, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
September 26 / 12pm / SoA South Gallery 
“…A soaking, seeping, spatial politics”  
Kian Goh, UCLA and Kadambari Baxi, Barnard College, Columbia University
October 24 / 12pm / SoA South Gallery 
"Just Space: Architecture, Education, and Inequality in Postwar Urban America"                                                           
Marta Gutman, CUNY and Mónica Ponce de León, School of Architecture
November 7 /12pm / SoA South Gallery

"The Way We Work"                                                       
Peggy Deamer, Yale University and Alison Isenberg, History
November 14 / 12pm / SoA South Gallery

"Maxixe in the Metropolis: Constructing Afro-Paulistano Respectability ca.1920"
Aiala Levy, Princeton Mellon Fellow and Marília Librandi-Rocha, Spanish & Portuguese
November 28 /12pm / SoA South Gallery