The Profession's Extensions: Architecture beyond Architects in the modern Middle East

March 26, 2022

Registration for the upcoming May 13-14 conference is now open. This event is co-sponsored by the Fung Global Fellows Program and the Princeton Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism & the Humanities

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Despite the emergence of new critical works on architectural history and practice beyond Euro-American frameworks, much of this thinking and writing remains focused on architects and planners and their role in the creation of space. This conference seeks to challenge this approach by asking: who is behind the production of our built environment? By de-centering the architect in architectural studies, the conference seeks to engage with and unearth actors and processes that have been overlooked or obscured in the study of architectural history and practice, including labor networks, building crafts, and building materials.

This approach allows for questioning accepted categorizations of the built environment that are not produced by architects (including ‘vernacular’, ‘informal’, or ‘self-built’ architecture) through understanding how the conditions of scarcity and abundance have been central to the production of these built environments in the Global South, including the Middle East and North Africa.

With this in mind, the conference will examine the following themes: Cultures of Building, Definition, Making, Narratives, Modernism, Practices and Boundaries, Communities, Agents, and Perspectives from the Global South. The conference will have opening sessions by Professor Howard Davis, the architects Aziza Chaouni, and M. Hosam Jiroudy.  

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