Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Stan Allen

  • Principal Investigator, 2014-17; George Dutton '27 Professor of Architecture
Office: S-117 School of Architecture

Sigrid Adriaenssens

  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: E332 Engineering Quad E-Wing

Joao Biehl

  • Professor, Anthropology
Phone: 609-258-6327

Katherine A. Bussard

  • Peter C. Bunnell Curator of Photography, Princeton University Art Museum
Phone: 609-258-5827

Eduardo Cadava

  • Professor of English
Phone: 609-258-4074

Vera S. Candiani

  • Associate Professor, History
Phone: 609-258-7089

Purcell Carson

  • Documentary Film Specialist
Office: 427A Robertson Hall

Bruno Carvalho

  • Principal Investigator, 2015-2017
  • Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures

Michael Celia

  • Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies and professor of civil and environmental engineering
Office: Guyot Hall, Room 130

Esther da Costa Meyer

  • Professor, History of Modern Architecture
Phone: 609-258-3789

Ruben Gallo

  • Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Office: 337 East Pyne

Eric Gregory

  • Professor, Religion
Office: 236 - 1879 Hall

Joshua Guild

  • Associate Professor, History and African American Studies
Phone: 609-258-0553

Aaron Landsman

  • Lecturer in Theater and the Lewis Center for the Arts

Rosina Lozano

  • Assistant Professor, History
Phone: 609-258-1719

Douglas S. Massey

  • Professor, Sociology
Office: 239 Wallace Hall

Irene Small

  • Associate Professor, Contemporary Art and Criticism
Phone: 609-258-3771

Eyal Weizman

  • Visiting Research Scholar, Architecture