Sigrid Adriaenssens

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
E332 Engineering Quad E-Wing

Ph.D., University of Bath


Research Areas

  • Mechanics, Materials & Structures
  • Structures and Structural Art
  • Sustainability

Research Interests

Durability:   life cycle design of new infrastructure
Efficiency:   form-finding techniques, structural optimization
Bridges:   new structural (mobile) typologies
Pre-stressed tension structures:  splines and membranes
Shells:   textile reinforced shells, adaptable formwork, shape optimization
Historic structures:  restoration and upgrading methodologies


CEE205 Mechanics of Solids
STC209/EGR209/MUS 209 Transformations in Engineering and the Arts
CEE418/VIS418 Extraordinary Processes
CEE519 Elasticity and Geometry in Shells and Plates
CEE546 Form Finding of Structural Surfaces
GLS263/CEE263 A Social and Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Structures
 CEE463 A Social and Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Structures