Stan Allen
Principal Investigator, 2014-17; George Dutton '27 Professor of Architecture
S-117 School of Architecture
Sigrid Adriaenssens
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
E332 Engineering Quad E-Wing
Joao Biehl
Professor, Anthropology
Office Phone
Katherine A. Bussard
Peter C. Bunnell Curator of Photography, Princeton University Art Museum
Office Phone
Eduardo Cadava
Professor of English
Office Phone
Vera S. Candiani
Associate Professor, History
Office Phone
Purcell Carson
Documentary Film Specialist
427A Robertson Hall
Bruno Carvalho
Principal Investigator, 2015-2017
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Michael Celia
Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies and professor of civil and environmental engineering
Guyot Hall, Room 130
Esther da Costa Meyer
Professor, History of Modern Architecture
Office Phone
Ruben Gallo
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
337 East Pyne
Eric Gregory
Professor, Religion
236 - 1879 Hall
Joshua Guild
Associate Professor, History and African American Studies
Office Phone
Tera Hunter
Acting Chair of the Humanities Council; Edwards Professor of American History; professor of African American studies
Aaron Landsman
Lecturer in Theater and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Rosina Lozano
Assistant Professor, History
Office Phone
Douglas S. Massey
Professor, Sociology
239 Wallace Hall
Irene Small
Associate Professor, Contemporary Art and Criticism
Office Phone
Eyal Weizman
Visiting Research Scholar, Architecture